Chocolate Watch Giveaway

December 01, 2016

Chocolate Watch Giveaway

I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who entered our Chocolate Watch giveaway.
We had an amazing response and I've really loved seeing everyone's favourite choc's
It's great to see some of my favourites chocolates on peoples list, some more retro chocolates like Star Bar, along with some more unusual combinations.
My conclusion is what would we do without it 
Here's the top 10 most popular from everyone's chocolate love.
  1. Galaxy

  2.  Milk chocolate

  3.   Lindt

  4.  Milk Chocolate with Carmel

  5. Ferrerro Rocher

  6. Thortons

  7.  Dark Chocolate

  8.  Cadbury fruit and nut/nut chocolate

  9.  Terry’s chocolate orange


  10. Dairy Milk



Some of the chocolate combinations that didn’t make the top 10 were Mint Chocolate (a personal favourite of mine) and Salted caramel Chocolate, one that I haven’t actually tried but is now on my 'need' list.
One of the more unusual combinations was bacon with Dark chocolate, and actually - why not :-)
Its been very difficult not to head to the shop for a huge stash of chocolate after running this giveaway.
And very importantly our winner is:

Sinead Martin

"My favourite chocolate is whole nut and my favourite non calorie chocolate  has to be  . .  ASCOT CHOCOLATE & NUDE . . . Love all your collection of watches. Fingers crossed I can win one! "


Thank you again to everyone for all your lovely comments and keep watching for our next giveaway.

 by Annette Allen

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