Christmas Spirit

December 19, 2017

Christmas Spirit

Your Top Ten Festive Drinks ! 

Discover the nation’s favourite drinks to have this Christmas

Baileys was the star of our recent poll, with 34% of you saying this creamy, Irish beverage is your favourite drink to consume over the festive period. On ice or without, splashed in coffee or hot chocolate, however you prefer it then Baileys has the Christmas drinks market all sewn up.

The nation’s favourite sparkling beverage Prosecco was next in line, with 15% of you favouring the celebratory bubbles to share a toast on Christmas Day. If you want to spice things up then why not opt for a Bellini-style cocktail? Mix with peach, elderflower or passion fruit liqueur and top off with a strawberry, it’s a great drink to serve to guests.

Coming up a close third is your favourite Christmas Cocktail, the aptly named Snowball. Made with a mix of Advocaat and lemonade, a cherry on the cocktail stick is still a must for some households. Originally created in the 1940’s, it really took off in the ‘70’s but then fell out of favour for many. Nigella Lawson praised Advocaat on her TV show, sales surged and the Snowball was reinvented for a new generation. Of course, for some it has never lost its way.


For many, Christmas would not be Christmas without the obligatory glass of Mulled Wine under the Christmas Tree and this drink is next up in your favourite festive tipples. Enjoyed hot, with plenty of spice, just the smell of the wine bubbling away on the stove can conjure up nostalgic images of family parties and festivities.


Our Christmas Day breakfast favourite is a delicious glass of Buck’s Fizz. The perfect way to start the day for many, a mixture of Champagne and orange juice – it is acceptable to drink anytime during the day. Which takes us nicely on to our next favourite, the traditional glass of Champagne. On its own or with a splash of liqueur, there’s no better way to celebrate the Christmas period.


We move on finally to spirits for our last four favourite festive drinks, which are Advocaat, Brandy, Vodka and Port. Although a Christmas Cocktail can’t be beaten, for many it’s the pure, unadulterated spirit that gets their vote.


In whatever way you are celebrating this Christmas time and with whatever drink in hand, we wish you a fantastic time from everyone here at O.W.L Watches!


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